JS Solution (S) Pte Ltd is a company based in Singapore. The nature of our business focused on Petro-Chemical Industries for Liquid transfer from one location to another.

It is our expertise to provide equipment’s like pumps and flow-meters to integrate into their system, to make it a complete solution.

We undertake Turnkey projects for Filling Terminals, doing Fuel Management System controls for all the outgoing Fuels being despatched.

We captured all the transaction records end of the day for owners to understand their total fuel consumption every day, weekly or monthly basis.

We also provide services to barge, vessel or tankers, to install our flow-meters in the pipeline, to monitor the amount of fuel being dispensed per transaction for point of sales.

Our Location:

JS Solution (S) Pte Ltd

1 Yishun Street 23

#05-36 YS-ONE

Singapore 768441

Tel: 6257 3885     Fax: 6257 4155

Email: sales@js-solution.com.sg